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Shop Name Address Distance (Miles)
The Music Shoppe 27 East Marketview Drive, Champaign 2.3
Skins 'n Tins Drum Shop 29 East Main Street, Champaign 1.7
Champaign School of Music 1712 South Duncan Road, Champaign 1.7
Guitar Center 712 West Town Center Boulevard, Champaign 2.3
Corson Music 71 East University Avenue, Champaign 1.8
The Upper Bout 723 South Neil Street, Champaign 1.7
Analog Outfitters 514 North Neil Street, Champaign 1.6
Corson Music's Guitar Store 202 West Main Street, Urbana 3.4
C.V. Lloyde 702 West Killarney Street, Urbana 3.3
The Guitar Workshop 1007 North Cunningham Avenue, Urbana 3.8
Topological Guitars 107 East George Huff Drive, Urbana 3.9
Cooper Motors 800 East Southline Road, Tuscola 22.4

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